Things to Ask Yourself When Considering a Used Car Purchase

Buying a used car is an exciting time; however it’s important not to let your heart rule your head, especially when it comes to parting with such a large amount of cash.

Whilst the majority of the car dealers in Wiltshire are of an excellent standard, there will always be an element of risk in purchasing a used car. Though if you are able to ask yourself a few questions, it’s likely that you will minimise the risks involved.

Who is selling the car?

As in, how much do you really know about the dealer? You probably know their name and what kind of cars they are selling, but do you know about their past, and whether they have any history of bad press? Thankfully, with the internet being so easily accessible these days, it is easy to look into the dealer and find out what experiences people have had just by doing a bit of Googling, whilst you can also ask friends, family and work colleagues to see if they know anything about the seller.

Am I getting a good price?

Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for the car they want. To avoid this happening, use an online evaluation service such as Parkers to find out how much the car is worth based on its age and condition. Also look into other similar vehicles in your local area to get a feel for the kind of price you should be expecting to pay.

Is this car everything it seems to be?

Going to see a car may make you fall in love with it, but do you really know its history? How many owners has it had? Has it been involved in any accidents? Has it been serviced on a regular basis? All of this is stuff you can find out by checking through the logbooks and service manuals, while you can also pay an independent vehicle history checking service to find out about anything untoward.

Buying Second Hand Cars: Are Private Sellers or Car Dealers the Best Bet?

When looking for a used car, should you look to a professional dealership or to a private seller for the best deal?

Dealers: The Advantages

Used car dealerships offer several advantages when compared to private car sales. For a start, they may be prepared to offer a warranty with the car. They are also able to provide a choice of vehicles and to offer advice on the best car for your own needs. Most dealerships can also offer finance packages to help you fund the purchase.

Nowadays, the majority of used car dealers are reputable and are selling decent stock. It is worth bearing in mind when searching out used car deals that prices vary quite considerably with the location of the car. For example, car sales in Banffshire are likely to be less costly than cars sales in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Private Sales: The Advantages

Usually a private sale is a little less expensive than an equivalent car in a dealership would be. However, you don’t get a warranty and there is no come back should you discover a fault after the sale. Whereas dealerships tend to have their own trained mechanics that can check their stock and rectify any faults, a car sold privately could have several minor faults and a major fault may even develop soon after the sale.

Generally, reputable dealers are the best bet for finding a decent used car deal. Although private sales can be less costly initially, the potential pitfalls outweigh any cost saving. If you ask around locally or search online, you can usually soon find a recommended dealer in your area. It may also be worth travelling to further afield dealers to take advantage of geographical variations in pricing.

What to Buy – New vs Used Cars

If you are in the market to replace your car, you may be debating whether to bite the bullet and buy new, or save yourself some pennies and opt for a used car.


Brand new cars have several obvious advantages. Firstly, you can choose a specification exactly suited to your needs, plus of course you will have the peace of mind that a full warranty brings. Thirdly, you have no ‘past’ to dig into – as the cars first owner you are starting with a clean slate. Additionally, a new car will incorporate the most modern technology – which can be a money saver – particularly in regards to fuel efficiency. Conversely, many breakdowns are caused by electrical faults in the high tech cars, some of which will require a costly repair.


One of the main advantages of buying ‘used’ is that you cut out the inevitable depreciation in price that a new car undergoes in its first year. Factor warranties are much longer than they used to be too, so there’s a good chance that even if the car has had previous owners, it may still be covered. If the car comes with a full service history you are in a stronger position, if not you may decide to pay a little extra for a history check. If you are buying from a reputable dealer you should have less cause for concern. To find one do an internet search on your preferred make and location, for example Nissan Northumberland and narrow the list down from there.

The main thing to bear in mind when purchasing any car is to set a firm budget and keep to it. In the world of car sales it is most definitely still a buyer’s market. With a bit of persistence, you’ll soon find the car of your dreams, and at the right price too.

Five Great Cars That Can Be Yours for Less Than £5,000

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great car. Here are five cars that you can snap up for £5,000 or less — five for five that will bring you bags of fun.

1) Mazda MX-5

Easy to drive and with exciting rear-wheel-drive handling, the MX-5 offers simple and affordable open-top motoring. For your £5,000 budget you can get a very tidy third-generation model with a good service history and low mileage.

2) Land Rover Defender

If off-road fun is more your thing, you can’t do better than the mighty Defender. They used to call it the ‘best 4×4 by far’ and they were not far wrong. For this price you will get a car in good condition and enjoy driving one of the best and most iconic vehicles ever made.

3) Porsche 944

Anyone looking at the used cars the Midlands has to offer which come with the ultimate in badge prestige might want to consider a Porsche 944. It is exceptionally well built and one of the more practical Porsches. Handling in these front-engine models is also great and the engines are refined and have plenty of torque.

4) Honda S2000

A good example of an S2000 can now be had for under £5,000. It has 50:50 front to rear weight distribution and a fantastic VTEC engine. At normal revs, that engine is quiet and smooth, but take it into the high rev range and you unleash a monster. It’s an excellent modern convertible.

5) Mini Cooper S

BMW’s new Mini has luscious retro good looks and reasonable practicality. The Cooper S adds a 168bhp engine and superb performance to the mix. It might not have the go-kart handling of the original, but it is bags of fun and delivers on the style front too. It’s a fabulous little hot hatch.

The Future Is Looking Bright for Car Sales in the UK

There has arguably not been a better sign that the UK is coming out of recession than the increase in new car sales. The number of new car registrations in April 2014 leapt by over 8% and totalled in excess of 176,000 vehicles. Rather surprisingly, though, this is not a new trend. Looking back over the past two years, this is the 26th month in a row that new car sales have risen, which is an incredible statistic considering the recent financial woes that have crippled the economy of not just the UK but most of the developed world.

Top Sellers New and Used

Credit is still the most favoured option, of course, with many dealers offering excellent deals in order to entice new customers. This remains true of used cars too. Whether you are looking at the cars for sale West Yorkshire has to offer, or even want to go to Lancashire, Somerset, the West Midlands or Scotland, you are sure to get a good deal on a used car at the present moment.

Most people are still being cautious with their money, though, with the recession obviously still prominent in their minds. This is borne out in the list of top-selling vehicles. The best-selling cars in the UK are still the smaller models, with the Ford Fiesta retaining its crown as the country’s most-loved vehicle. This is followed by the Ford Focus and the VW Golf. The outlook is not so bright for saloon models, with sales dipping. It seems the days of the Mondeo Man are coming to an end.

The Future

So what does the next decade have in store for the car industry? Will the smaller family run-around retain its place in the heart of the nation? Is the electric car the future of the industry or just a flash in the pan? It is certainly going to be an interesting ride finding out.

Auto financing options for people with low credit scores

The unstable economy and weak job market has taken a toll on every sector. The auto industry was one of the first to feel the pain from the recession. It still faces an uphill battle to figure out how to increase sales of new automobiles while working with many buyers who had their credit scores declined due to job loss or a significant decrease in their household income. If you are one of the people with less than perfect credit, you are not alone, and there are options for you to finance your next automobile purchase.

Auto Financing

Compare different vehicles

New car manufactures are offering many incentives to sell their cars. Some makes and models have better incentives than others because they are not as popular and are not the “in” vehicle to own currently. This also means that used car lots have to offer deals to move their inventory and sell the many cars they take in on trade. With hybrid and high gas mileage vehicles being popular at the moment, the opportunity is there to get good deals and special financing on cars and trucks that do not perform as well on MPGs.

Dealership financing vs. direct lending

With dealership financing, you get the benefit of special financing programs and the convenience of one-stop-shopping. Many dealerships have loan officers available on weekends and in the evenings. The automobile dealer also works with a wide variety of banks and lenders. They work with people that have good and bad credit and are often able to discuss a variety of financing options with you.

financingdirect lending

The disadvantage of dealership financing is that you place a great deal of trust in them and do not know what your terms are going to be until you are far along in the purchase process. The Federal Trade Commission recommends you be familiar with state and federal laws before you begin dealing with a loan officer. Not all car dealers are ethical, and some will take advantage of people with low credit scores.

Getting your financing directly from a bank, finance company, or your credit union lets you know the amount of money you have available before you begin looking at cars. You can compare rates and terms without feeling pressured to make a decision on the spot. Much like taking your current vehicle to a business that pays cash for cars, rather than haggling with the dealer about trade-in value, direct lending provides you more control in the negotiation of the purchase price.

cash for cars

How much you can afford

Obtaining an installment loan and paying it off on time will make a lot of progress in building your credit score back up. Be sure that you are able to comfortably make payments and still have plenty of money left over each month. With a low credit score, your interest rate is going to be higher than the typical rate. Do your research about the rate of depreciation of the car you want to buy. You may want to save money for a down payment so your loan amount is smaller and you avoid the possibility of negative equity when you get ready to shop for your next car.

Buy Used Cars if You Want to Save

When it comes to finding affordable cars for sale Birmingham drivers should start with used car dealers. Many drivers avoid used cars like the plague, thinking that they will be sold an inferior vehicle for more than it is worth, and although incidents like this do happen, they are very rare and the benefits of buying a used car far outweigh the slight possibility that a mistake will be made.

Most people do not consider the many ways in which a used car can save you money. There is much more to used cars than the sticker price on the windshield. For example, the average new car will lose value rapidly, so much so in fact that it could be worth 40 per cent less, in 12 months on the road, than it was at the time it was purchased, which in effect means that the buyer is losing a whole lot of money on the deal. Used cars, on the other hand, hang on to their value for much longer and depreciate at a much slower rate.

A third benefit is that used cars can be insured for much less than a new one, again saving the buyer money.

Haggling with Dundee Car Dealers

One of the biggest joys of buying from car dealers Dundee drivers will find, is the ability to haggle with them and bring down the price of an already very affordable car even further. Haggling is a skill which is very useful to have when buying from used car dealers, but all too many people are not comfortable with the practice and simply like to pay the price which is asked by the dealer. They really should think again because haggling is very much a part of every car dealer’s daily life and they will not bat an eyelid with anyone who tries to haggle.

Haggling Tips

-Research the used car market before visiting the dealer. That way, you will know how much a used car is actually worth.

-Check out a number of sellers to see how much they are asking for a car.

- Check for damage and deduct a sum from the asking price according to how tolerant you are of the damage

- Stick to your estimate

- Always be polite and friendly

-Be confident

-If you can’t bring down the price, try to have the dealer throw in some useful extras.

- If all of your efforts fail, don’t be scared to walk away and try out your haggling elsewhere.

Do You Find Parallel Parking The Toughest Method Of Parking?

Today, parking a car on a very busy city road can be a dreadful nightmare especially now that roads are getting choked with vehicles of all sizes and shapes and pedestrians are increasing in numbers in the streets. And just as trainers working with driving schools in Philadelphia and other regions put it, parallel parking is one of the toughest parking method for most drivers (both newbies and experienced ones). If you find parallel parking a daunting task, then here are surefire tips to help you gain confidence and take control:

Before zeroing in on a parking space, make sure to study the area and check whether it is big enough so that your car can fit in comfortably. So, have a good idea of the dimensions of your car.

You want to park your car in a manner that it will be easy for you to drive it out of the parking space. Chances are high that if the room is not big enough, you may bump into the car in front or behind you.

When parking, your car’s bumper should get aligned with that of the car in front of your targeted parking space. So, stop and turn your steering wheel such that your car’s front wheels turn towards the curb. When reversing, ensure that the driver rear view mirror is aligned with the rear bumper of a car alongside you.

Take your time to ensure that your car is parallel to the curb and is clear of the car in front of you. And before getting out of the car, check the distance between your car and those behind or in front of you. This is to ensure that your car won’t cause inconvenience to those cars.

Always look behind you for cars or pedestrians that may cause hindrances when trying to drive into a parallel parking space.

Used Car Dealers Offer the Best Value

Used car dealers Bedfordshire are great places to pick up cars for less. A lot of drivers think that they are a false economy, and that if you buy a used car, you will end up paying more because it will need more repairs, fall apart not long after it has been purchased, or just generally cost you more in day to day maintenance, but this is not the case.

Of course, if you go to a dodgy car dealership and buy any old vehicle, there is a good chance that you will have thrown your money down the drain, but providing you buy from a reputable seller and take the time to choose a good quality vehicle, whose price you have researched, then you will definitely get better value for money than when you buy a new vehicle.

This is because new cars depreciate in value very quickly and what you paid for it just a few months ago is nowhere near the value you could sell it for now. This is not true of used cars which hold their value for much longer. That, combined with a lower asking price and smaller insurance premiums helps to ensure that used cars are the best cars when it comes to value.